Multiple Head Screw Cap Sealing Machine

The Machine is widely used for sealing kinds of Plastic Bottles of gas containing drink or no gas drink. It has the advantages of reasonable Mechanical Structure, Stable in moving, good in Feature, Easy Operation and Maintenance, Widely used.

This capping machine has one Manipulator, Dispatches caps in high speed with no reverse caps which can be suitable for various types of bottles.

The cap supplying system and the manipulator works at the same step. When caps capped well, the bottles and the caps are relative static ,the clutch releases ,this can avoid bottles getting injured to achieve high qualified rate of capping. The surface of machine is made of high quality stainless steel, the electrical elements use international famous brand which makes machine more stable, attractive.


Cosmetics, Cleaning, Detergent, Drinks, Oil, Dairy Products, Skin Care Products, Hair Care Products, Tea, Seasoning

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Strong point: adopts high elastic wear-resisting rubber wheel, screw cap wheel, and clamp bottle conveyor that has variable speed regulation.
  • As adopts gear case transmission, it prevents the machine from the problem of synchronous transmission.
  • It is equipped with interface and PLC control system for convenient operation, easy maintenance and steady performance, providing easy access to all settings within the range of parameters.
  • Noise level: ≤65db
  • Standard option PLC Control w/Colour Touch Screen Panel
  • Surface material of equipment: SS304
  • Part of connect material conform to GMP engineering plastic.
Screw Capping Machine - Model VEC12HS240
Number of Head Multiple Head
Screw Cap Diameter Up to 38 mm*
Screw Cap Height Up to 18 mm*
Bottle Diameter Up to 85 mm*
Bottle Height Up to 300 mm*
Electrical 415VAC 3P/220VAC1P Power supply 50Hz/A.C. Drive
Power 3 HP
Electrical Load 2 KW
Conveyor Height 8 Feet to be Extend
Overall Dimension 1500(L) X 1100(W) X 2000(H)
Speed 240 BPM (Depend on Bottle & Cap)
Weight 875 Kg

**Additional Customization Requirement to be execute as per convenient

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