Six Head ROPP Cap Sealing Machine

Automatic High Speed Single Head ROPP Capping Machine is use to aluminium cap bottles in continuous rotary motion. It has Self-Picking cap based Mechanism for Placement of caps on bottle and then Capping Rollers Performs Capping operation during its planetary motion while ensuring proper Capping. Number of capping heads in this machine can be customized as per the client's requirement and speed.

Technical Features & Specification::-
  • Cap according to the characteristics and requirements of the design speed, with automatic production line.
  • Machine consists of three parts: automatic management cover, automatic drop caps, and automatic cap.
  • Can be designed according to the number of capping heads.
  • It is equipped with interface and PLC control system for convenient operation, easy maintenance and steady performance, providing easy access to all settings within the range of parameters.
  • Noise level: ≤65db
  • Standard option PLC Control w/Colour Touch Screen Panel
  • Surface material of equipment: SS304
  • Part of connect material conform to GMP engineering
Ropp Capping Machine - Model VEAR6C150
Number of Head Six Head
ROPP Cap Diameter Up to 32 mm
ROPP Cap Height Up to 18 mm
Bottle Diameter Up to 85 mm
Bottle Height Up to 300 mm*
Electrical 415VAC 3P/220VAC1P Power supply 50Hz/A.C. Drive
Power 2 HP
Electrical Load 1.5 KW
Conveyor Height 8 Feet to be Extend
Overall Dimension 1500(L) X 735(W) X 1800(H)
Speed 150 BPM (Depend on Bottle & Cap)
Weight 780 Kg

**Additional Customization Requirement to be execute as per convenient

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