Semi Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine


Rotary Bottle Washing Machine design according to GMP guidelines and requirements. It’s highly efficient and featured Machine. Machine Operate with Rotary Principle with GENEVA Mechanism. Bottle need to be Loading & Unloading Manual Interface. Machine used to maintain the timing between the two wash of bottle washing Machine. And for appropriate cleaning to be done with use of Pressure Centrifugal Pumps. Panel Control is a detached to avoid any kind of accident, which is convenient for user.

Working Operation:-

Bottles to be load in rotating indexing platform and it will clean with series of operation. Bottle holding Space design in which called cup holder. Spraying water on external surface to clean the bottles. Solenoid valve are used to enable the regulation of wash timing and spraying process hold once bottle stopover, which save water and other expenditure. There are 4 Inner + 1 Outer Wash Cycle.

  • Individual Control Panel provide as per requirement and convenient, which decrease the risk of any kind of accident.
  • Solenoid Valve for each & every washing sequence to reduce leakage and water wastage.
  • Total Five wash Cycle to be done ( 4 Inner + I Outer)
  • Machine to be built on Geneva Mechanism to maintain to maintain washing timing one station to another station.
  • Washing Sequence can be adjustable as per Customer’s Convenient.
  • For easy Cleaning & Maintenance Pumps and Tanks to be mounted individually
  • High Pressure Pump to be used for Cleaning Bottle of each dot.
  • Height adjustment of bottle provision to be added advantage.
Model VERBW 96
No of Container Holder 96 No;s
Direction Clockwise
Speed 45-100 BPH
Tank Capacity 75 Litres
Wash Cycle 4 Inner + 1 Outer
Electric Specification 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Power 2 Kw + 3 Kw (Heater)
Air Pressure 6 Bar
Working Height 1 Meter
Change Parts Require Round /Flat Bottles
Machine Dimension 1700(L) X 1650(W) X 1400 (H)
Tank Dimension 1700(L) X 1000(W) X 1600 (H)
Weight 560 Kg

Note:- specification can be entertained as per customer’s requirement.