Screw Capping Line

Screw Capping Machine designed with pneumatically operated gripper type Pick & Place with torque adjustment rotary plastic screw capping machine suitable for screw cap or snap/press fit caps.

This machine is set into bottle, cover, cover, screw cap, bottle and one. Use grab cover positioning screw cover. In the process of capping, there is no damage to bottle and cap, with high efficiency of capping, equipped with automatic nitrogen charging, automatic removal of cap. It can be comparable with similar foreign products. Parts of long service life, smooth operation, low noise, wide range of application, high screw rate. The surface has been polished, beautiful and generous, the machine production speed is adjustable, conducive to assembly line, is the ideal choice of the large, medium-sized packing workshop.

Modular Manufacturing, Easy to assemble or disassemble, and Easy to Maintain. Screw the Cap at high speed and efficiency is high, Safe and reliable.

From Servo based Screw Caps, ROPP Caps, Crown Caps, Pick-n-place, Snap/Press fit, Aluminium Flip-Top Caps, Rubber Stopper Caps, Inner Plug, Twist off etc. depending on cap typ. The Capping Machine can operate from touch screen and is capable for storing over multiple recipes. We provide you with the solution you need.