Inspection Conveyor 5

Product Overview:-

It is used for examining liquid vials and bottles. Online Vial and Bottle Inspection Machine is having application in Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Veterinary industry. This equipment consist three-track conveyor with a hood with lighting prearrangement and visual inspection background of alternative black & white color. Inspection table have stainless steel structure with moving stainless steel slat chain. Structure prepared out of stainless steel square pipe & maintained on adaptable bolts. Mechanism fulfills as per GMP standards.

  • A/C Frequency Drive.
  • Direct gear drive.
  • Dimension can be Extend as per Specifications.
  • PVC black & white board as per GMP norms.
  • UHMW self-lubrication guide below chain.
  • Stainless Steel sophisticatedly matt finishing.
  • Adaptable height of conveyor belt, to align with other machine of the line
  • Self-alignment bearing for easy maintenance.
  • Rigid Vibration frees Construction for trouble free performance.
Model VEI5
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Output* Up to 100 Containers / minute
Number of operator Four (2 x 2, Two side seated)
Power Characteristics** 0.5 HP/220 V/50 Hz
Conveyor Height 8 Feet
Dimension (mm) 1900(L) X 1050(W) X 1800(H)
Weight 425 Kgs. Approx.
Electircal Single Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Power 0.5 KW

Vibgyor is a leading manufacturer of inspection conveyors, specifically specializing in the production of Inspection Conveyor 5. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and expertise in the industry allow them to create top-quality conveyor systems that meet the needs of our clients. Inspection Conveyor 5 is designed to inspect and sort products during the manufacturing process, ensuring that all products meet the necessary quality standards before being shipped out. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Vibgyor Enterprise continues to be a trusted source for high-quality inspection conveyor systems.

Note:- specification can be entertained as per customer’s requirement.